Carissa Leifson, RMT

Exhale Massage Therapy

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I have always been a caregiver and it was no surprise to many when I decided to completely change my career path to become a massage therapist. I aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for my clients and to build authentic relationships with them. I also believe in supporting mental health through physical well-being. Massage has a powerful effect on your body and nervous system, which can lead to better sleep, energy levels, concentration, and relaxation, as well as a reduction in pain. In clients who book in regularly, massage therapy can effectively help to manage anxiety, improve emotional resilience, and enhance general well-being.

I believe every massage should be both therapeutic and relaxing; it should address any pain and tension you may be experiencing and you should leave your treatment feeling calmer and revived. My treatment style is intentional and intuitive - you may notice that I don’t just treat the area of complaint - and my goal is to ensure that you are in touch with your body and how it’s all connected.

I love that every client and every treatment is different and as your body responds to treatment, I can adapt my approach to continue to encourage that response. If I feel like you could also benefit from another type of treatment in combination with massage therapy - chiro, physio, acupuncture, counselling, etc - I will refer you. I want you to feel better so that you don’t NEED to come see me - I would much prefer that you WANT to come see me to continue to feel good.