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1. The 4 Main Causes of Low-Back Pain (and what you can do to help)
Written by Joelle Solomon - May 19, 2022

Throughout my career working closely with people and their bodies as a personal trainer and massage therapist, I’ve learned that one of the most common place people experience pain is the low back and one of the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to lower back pain is that it is caused solely by lower back tightness... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

2. An Introduction to a Strong Core For Beginners
Written by Joelle Solomon - May 29, 2022

Having a strong core at any stage in life, and especially as we age is one of the most important things we can do for our health. There are many misconceptions about what having a strong core means. Most people visualize an image of someone with zero body fat and 6-pack abs. But having a strong core actually has nothing to do with either of those… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

3. Health and Resistance

Written by Joelle Solomon - June 6, 2022

We can all relate to this experience: we desire to start taking better care of ourselves by ditching an old habit or incorporating something new, we know it’s in our best interest, it will be good for us and it fits our vision of how we want to live. But no matter how important it is to us, there seems to be a force that keeps us from actually committing to it. Perhaps we have a hard time beginning, or slowly old habits begin to take hold, or maybe it begins to feel so stressful that it’s not realistic to keep going. This force, no matter how it shows up is called: resistance… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING